Miss Manga Punky!

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Okay I know I haven’t posted in a very, very long time, but a job change and very busy schedule has kept me away. I’m back now and back with something that truly got me excited for a new make-up product which, hasn’t happened in a while as you can probably tell. My last post those many months ago was on L’Oreal’s Miss Manga in black and purple (also available in turquoise). I was and still am a big fan of these, so when I was sitting on the loo one day flicking through a copy of one of those generic gossip/fashion magazines I came across the advertisement for the new Miss manga Punky and I couldn’t believe my eyes. With excitement I made it my mission to get hold of one, which wasn’t hard I just popped into Superdrug next door to my work and it was right at the front of the store nice and easy! I believe it was also on discount I’m pretty sure I payed only about £5.99 for it (rrp £8.99)


The  original miss Manga applicator has a ‘360 degree flexor brush’ to help create volume and give your more control when applying. The new ‘punky’ applicator is smaller, thinner and with tougher bristles. The mascara has a slight clumping affect, and the product comes out thick giving your eyelashes a dark, spikey and plumped punky look. This yellow packaged Miss Manga is from their ‘collagen’ range whereas the purple ones are from the ‘Mega volume’ range according to superdrug’s website, although all the mascaras packaging say ‘Mega volume’ with both claim to give.

Although I’ve never been heavily into Manga cartoons my self I am a huge fan of these Japanese manga inspired mascaras and will continue to recommend and use them as long as they’re available.

Available for only £4.99 at Superdrug (rrp£8.99) a bloody bargain how can you resist!?




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