Loreal Miss Manga Review


Loreal Mega Volume Miss Manga,  I’m fully on board the bandwagon with this one guys.


I’ll start by saying how much I love the packaging of this product; cute but sophisticated at the same time, that was definitely a selling point for me although I know that’s not the most important aspect. The most important aspect is “do I love the formula? Does it do want I expected?” Well yes, yes I do like the formula and yes it does what I expected and I can’t get enough. The flexible cone shaped brush allows for easy application to every eyelash, with the formula helping to lengthen and really amplify my lashes.  I’ll be honest the flexibility of the brush took me by surprise at first, but it really gives you full control and makes application less messy.

Too top it all off they have two other colours to go along side your basic black; Purple and Turquoise and I had to snap up a the purple since I’ve never owned a coloured mascara and I love the colour purple! Verdict? I loove it it looks absolutely beautiful with a pink and purple smokey eye, it’s not to bold but coats enough colour on the lashes to show that flash of colour.


What is the price like? Well is brilliant and worth every penny in my opinion. at only £8.99 its worth adding to your collection.



Are you loving the Miss Manga Mascara By Loreal?


YasminLoves xoxo



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