Hot or Not? Concealers ♡


Concealer for me is a must have, I suffer from unfortunate dark circles and the odd blemish here and there. I’m constantly on the search for new favourites and here are the ones Ive been trying out, what I thinks Hot and what I think is really not.


The collection Lasting perfection concealer has been a staple of my collection for a good few years now.  and is a great concealer for such a good price.

Coverage: Really works at brightening the eyes, with a coverage that you can build from light to heavy. I wouldn’t recommend going too heavy as it can look cakey. For dark circles, with the right shade it can really work wonders, although I must state it doesn’t always give the fullest coverage for really dark circles but enough that you notice a big difference!

Texture: The texture is creamy, slightly thick but blend-able. For me it really depends on the type of skin day I’m having but it can sometimes crease slightly under my eyes, but with a bit of setting powder its usually not that noticeable and I still enjoy wearing it.  I’ve been using the shade Fair 1 just to give my self a brighter eye, but the best shade for me is cool medium.

Packaging: Not exactly eye candy but it does its job. The brush is easy to use you can apply straight to your face or onto a blending brush however you prefer, I find a blending brush works best for me.

Price: £4.19

Conclusion:  HOT  Great value for money, good coverage and good price.


I never buy make up from the Body Shop but my mum had a voucher and told me to grab something. That in mind I thought I’d try out a new concealer. I’ll be honest, it’s not my favourite out of my small collection, the reviews on the website are mostly good so I expected to really like it; it claims to be “High coverage, easy to blend and light weight”.

Coverage: I don’t find the coverage to be high enough for my under-eyes, I find under eye it  extenuates pores I never even new I had! Which is definitely not a good thing from a concealer. Its definitely not what I would consider a high coverage concealer and if your looking to cover dark circles and pores don’t even consider this one. The colour choices are not really the right shade for me and it stands out way to much. For small cheek blemish it can be some what useful but other wise not something I reach for an all. I have shade 02

Texture: The texture again claims to be light weight but I didn’t find it to be a light weight as I expected it is also quite oily which does help with application but your left with an oily feeling, that broke me out around my nose area.

Packaging: The packaging tells a different story, I love the sleek and simply design of the packaging and it looks beautiful on my shelf. But if that’s all its good for I guess it will becoming a decoration.

Price: £8.00 Over priced for what it is I wouldn’t have as disappointed if it was half the price.

ConclusionNOT Not great coverage, lovely packaging but not a great product not worth the price.


On the more pricey side we have the Mac Studio Finish Concealer,  every now and then I treat my self to a Mac product and this is a product I’ve had for well over a year now and its still going strong in my collection.

Coverage:  Very high coverage, great for covering dark circles and blemishes leaving you with a flawless look. It can  occasionally crease, but with a base or powder it can be prevented. I tend to save this for special occasions or on those skin SOS days when high coverage is a must. I use shade NC15

Texture: It has a creamy easy to apply texture, I find its not the lightest consistency when applying, but once applied it doesn’t feel too heavy at all.

Packaging: I love the cute packaging, unfortunately when mine was delivered the lid was broken, so the clear plastic falls out every time I open it, that aside its small cute and easy to clean. You will need a brush to apply, as its quite small and trying to use your fingers will result in concealer under your nails.

Price: £15 Bit on the pricey side but I feel like I got my moneys worth.

Conclusion: HOT Great for high coverage and long lasting.


I heard a lot of good things about this product and was dying to try it out its the  Maybelline Instant Anti Age The Eraser eye

Coverage: I was literally blown away with how great the coverage was, it claims to ‘Instantly conceal dark circles and fine lines‘ and I think it does just that. I got the shade Nude which was almost a perfect match, as far as I know there are only 2 shades available which are Nude and Light. I think the light would be a good highlighter for my skin tone and really brighten up my face.

Texture: Its has a very smooth texture and it so easy to blend on any area of the face.

Packaging: The twist mechanism with sponge is quite nice and mess free, the sponge feels lovely on the skin, although if preferred it works well with brush or finger application. The outer packaging is different to your normal twist lid looking product also a bit bigger but I like that it is clear and you can see how much product is left.

Price: £7.99 Great price for how good the product is in my opinion worth the money

Conclusion:  HOT Great coverage, soft and smooth texture and fairly good price.



What are your favourite concealers for under-eyes and blemishes?


YasminLoves xoxo


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