Revlon ColorBurst Review


After seeing these Revlon Lip products on Its Judy Time plus many other blogs I thought I had to give them a try. I’ve had these for over a month now but never got round to reviewing them. But after some good use and chance to really see how they work here we go.

I picked up two different types, the Lip Lacquer (The darker of the two) and a Lip stain (the lighter shade). Sadly I have not yet got round to picking up the Matte version as well, because all the matte ones at my local boots have been opened or tampered with and obviously I wouldn’t dare to purchase an open make up product.


On the left we have Whimsical Fantaisiste

what I like about this colour is that it’s buildable so if I’m feeling bould and daring I can go all out and pack on the colour for a statement look. The colour is a really warm pink with some purple undertones. Its also quite a shimmery colour with specs of glitter that leave your lips still sparkling after the colour has worn off.


On the right we have the colour Honey Douce.

I love the colour for everyday looks when I’m feeling tame and just need to bring some life to my lips! Its a beautiful nude pink that gives your lips a very subtle shimmer and goes with any make up look. I wear this shade most days and I can’t get enough.

I’m loving this Lip crayon craze at the moment, so simple to apply and no mess. What’s your favourite lip crayon and what colours do you like?

I purchased these at Boots for £7.99 each.

YasminLoves xoxox


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