My First visit to Lush


Hi guys, just a quick post to let you know I finally visited Lush. After hearing so many bloggers/ Youtubers raving on and on about this store I happened to stumble upon a store in Victoria Station London and had to check it out.


I’m not really a bath person to be fair although I used to only take baths , due to not having a shower installed. But since moving in with my boyfriend where a shower is installed I’ve had about 7 baths in the last few years. (Obviously showering instead haha)

Showers just feel cleaner and quicker, although a relaxing bath is great once in a while. But Lush do not just make bath bombs no no, they make the freshest face masks and cleansers from organic fruits and oils so fresh you have to refrigerate and use them within a few days.  I also discovered their hair products and that’s what made me want to go back for sure.


So I wasn’t planning on spending any money but as I have a slight addiction to shopping and I wanted see what the hype was all about I basically ended up well, spending money. I only picked up a few small things, even for the bath which I will save for a relaxing evening.

For the hair – Shampoo Bar: £5.50 “Stimulating spice shampoo bar for a new shine and a happy scalp”

The shampoo bar smells quite cinnamony which is lovely but very strong.

For the bath- Bath ballistic: Ickle baby bot £ 1.95 each.
” Release into the water and let him do his sleep inducing work”

I know these little robot ballistics are meant for children but who’s cares? Not me , they were cute and the smell is what sold me, it comes across as Lavender with a hint of freshness like mint. Perfect for special bedtime bath.


Are you a fan of Lush, what are your favourite products?

YasminLoves xoxo


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  1. nataliee98 says:

    I am a huge Lush fan, especially because of the no animal testing ethos! My favourite items are the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar and the face masks in Cupcake and Catastrophe Cosmetic. 🙂

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