Current Favourites January & February ♡


I only have few current favs at the moment things that I’m usually pretty much on a daily basis and would recommend to my friends. and you guys my readers 🙂


I’ve tried a few cleansers and toners before but I’ve never been a big user of them. I heard alot of good things about Bioderma but never got round to purchasing it and found the price a bit on the higher side. But the beauty bloggers I follow starting raving about Lore’al Paris ‘Skin Perfection Purifying micellar solution‘ and at £3.33 from boots I had to try it out.  As wipes and scrubbing your make-up off can be tedious and harsh on the skin its nice to find something that melts your make-up off gently and quickly.

It feels just like water but still moisturising and leaves my skin feeling fresh and I notice a different as it tones my skin to give a cleaner smother complexion. The downside it the product is used very quickly and I went through a whole bottle in about 3-4 weeks. It doesn’t help that when you turn the bottle upside down, if your not covering the top with a cotton pad it spills all over you -__-. So maybe the cost of bioderma would even out if your using less product?


I’ve mentioned this before but I am a big fan of Simple products from their wipes, to their creams and face scrubs ect. I used to use the Kind skin refreshing facial wash and then their Kind to skin moisturising facial wash which I absolutely loved and they worked perfectly for my skin. But I notice a few blemish and spots popping up recently and I wanted a gentle scrub to help further cleanse my face on a daily basis as most scrubs can be a bit too harsh for day-today use.  This one is the Simple Spotless skin Triple action face wash it contains zinc which helps soak up excess oils, chamomile and witch hazel to help soothe your skin, tone and works as an anti-irritant. I love it and I think I will always love their face washes, always highly recommended.


I’ve been using Maybelline Dream satin Liquid this for about 4 months now,  I wont go into to it too much as I think I have mention it before but overall I do enjoy using this product. Applies smoothly, works well with brush or hands, easy to blend. I personally prefer it with powder to set it, as it can look a tiny bit too oily but overall not to bad.


N07 Perfect Light Pressed powder I love this powder its a perfect match for my skin and sets my make-up beautifully to help give me an almost flawless look. I went through a whole one and it took me about a year but bare in mind the first half I wasn’t using it that much. I’ve been using this on a daily basis for at least 6-7 months now. Doesn’t feel heavy or look cakey and the price it reasonable as the product is worth it.


My new holy grail, Pure coconut Oil I have thin hair and it takes forever to grow and a fair amount of people have recommend coconut oil to me and say it works wonders. I’m desperate for thicker healthier hair and have been using this about 2-3 times a week ( I may post a hair care routine). It leave my hair un-believably soft and I have visibly noticed a different as well as other people. I’m not going make out this product has given me rapunzel like hair but it has helped with my thinning side hair when my hair is pulled back and volume overall. I still have a way to go but I’m loving this natural and cheap hair mask.


Adee Phelan Sexy Styling Spray  Its mainly the smell okay it smell like candy! But on a serious note its hold my hair with a light spray smells great and is easy to brush out. Just don’t over do it because it will make your hair crispy.

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