September Favs ♡

I haven’t posted in a while and like I mentioned in my last post I’ve been meaning to do some make-up reviews. But I’ve been unable to wear make up due to what seems to be a stye on my eye 😦 Going to work with out eye make-up hasn’t been as hard as I would have though, but its not exactly fun and I feel quite naked with out my mascara.

So I thought I would post a quick, short and sweet Septembers favourites. As I have not been wearing many products, especially new products due to hygiene reasons the list is short.


The first product you may recognise from my winter wish list; Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector for very dry skin. This stuff is amaze-balls fairly expensive for my normal price range but I wanted to treat my self and this product was something useful and I have almost finish the whole tube. The scent is a NOT a generic floral, yummy smell and may be for acquired senses but it does the job and leaves my hands moisturised for a good couples hours before needed to re-apply. If feels heavy when you first apply but once to massaged it in it disappears into your skin leaving no stickiness or greasiness.


Next is foundation (I may not be able to used eye make-up, but don’t thinking I’m leaving my house with foundation!) I’ve been using Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid for about 2 months now and I actually have fallen in love with it. The texture is smooth and light. The coverage is build-able and the shade matches me great when blended right.


This No7 face powder was given to me by my boyfriends mum and at first I didn’t really use it that much, now I always used it to set my make-up and it gives me a flawless look which makes me love it and as you can see I’ve been using it generously.


I used to used Elnett hairspray by L’Oreal Paris, but when I ran out of money and couldn’t pay £7 or so for hairspray I found this Wella Silvikrin hair spray for less then £2. I chose natural hold as my boyfriend moans my head is ‘hard’ from too much hairspray. This is cheap and does the job with out leaving my hair feeling brittle and dry.


I’ll admit it, I’m a smoker so inevitably I smell smokey so I picked up this Impulse body spray for when I’m at work and I don’t want to scare away customers with my stale smoke smell. Only £1.99 it last ling a smells delicious. Its cheap[er and not as strong a perfume that why I like the convenience of body sprays


Lastly my favourite blusher( Collection 2000 – Bashful) of all time which has previously been featured on this blog. Adds I pop of colour to my colourless eyes and is beautifully natural looking.



What were your favourites for September?  xoxox


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