So I’ve been Missing in Action for a couple of weeks and Ill be honest this is simply down two things GTA V and an eye infection. I have a pending make up- Glossy box review coming up I’ve just been unable to wear a lot of my make-up due to my eye :(. Anyway I’m working my way back slowly into a routine along side GTA. So here’s a belated OOTD.



This an outfit I would have never worn a year ago, but my style is changing and this tunic was a bargain at only £9.99 H&M. I gave the tunic more shape with a beige waist belt and a gold necklace. This outfit goes best with black boot either ankle or just above the ankle. Also had to wear tights due to high risk flashes of ones buttocks. If you were to wear this without tights or leggings its more for the beach or with shorts just to be safe.


I love this necklace its now one of my staple pieces that really makes most of my outfits pop. £7.99 H&M.


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