Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream Review

I’ll admit I’m late on the BB bandwagon. A large majority of the time I need full coverage and I see BB cream as an enhancer for people with naturally beautiful skin and I’m not one of them. I thought I’d give it a try as I’m taking risks and trying new products. *and there was a BoGo Half price deal at Boots!*


Subconsciously I seem to be drawn to Maybelline products at the moment and the packaging of the Dream Fresh BB cream was cute and I was pulled in.

There are 3 shades  light, medium and dark. Medium is my shade and when I squeezed it out it appeared quite dark at first, but once applied it is actually a lot lighter. Once I left it to set I felt the shade was a bit too light overall and washed me out. To help add a bit of colour I used my LOreal True match mineral foundation (In the shade Golden Natural) over the top.

The coverage is not too bad and did manage to blur my smaller blemishes and imperfections to an extent.  I do believe this would be a nice product when I’m going through a no blemish faze. Sadly without powder it starts to slip by then end of a work day, also leaving my face shiny.

As an 8 in 1 it claims to do a lot of great things

1. Creates a natural glow  2.Compliment skin tone  3. SPF30 UV protection  4.Hydrates all day 5.Blurs imperfections 6. Oil free, non greasy  7.Looks visibly smooth  9. Feels fresh.

I did see it had somewhat of a natural glow but sometimes it just looked shiny. Smaller imperfections were blurred, the hydration wasn’t really noticeable but once set it does feel light. Although when I touched my face it felt a bit sticky like after applying sunblock not as bad, but comparable.

I give it a 6/10 and I would use this again. It’s for quite well behaved skin and if you only need some light coverage I would recommend it.

What BB cream would you recommend?  xoxo


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