LOL at my clothes and errm excuse the laundry

I’ve been working 6 days in a row and its been a busy week, but today was lovely weather and now its September its a bit quieter since the children have gone back to school! So on my short shift before a lovely 2 days off I wanted to feel comfortable, casual and girly-ish?

The dress is a simple burgundy T-shirt dress from H&M £7.99. I love how simple it is, so you have a thousands ways to style it and jazz it up.


I’m in love with my new denim waist coat, I think every one needs a few staple denim pieces and this is now one of mine. The studs on the shoulder give the outfit a slight punk chic and the outfit is made all that more casual with the white high top converse. Denim waist coat £24.99 H&M.

The cute hand bag was a beautiful find at Primark a while back.


I’m not typically a ring wearer but this was just too gorgeous to resist, I feel so exotic when I wear this haha. But seriously look at how lovely it is. £3.99 H&M.

Have a good evening lovelies.



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