Beautiful Bargain Blush: Collection 2000


Hey followers, I’m having a lazy day and thought I would share with you my favourite blush at the moment. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve realised that lighter blusher’s are best for my slightly tanned skin tone. This is a blush by Collection 2000 that I actually picked up a few years ago randomly and I used every last bit of it. after that I never saw it again. Recently I’ve been using blush by Boots No7, and  I’m not saying its bad I just feel I picked up the wrong colour for me. So I’ve been in search for a drug store brand coral colour (which I cant seem to find) and spotted this blush in the same shade I used previously 02 Bashful. I was so pleased to spot this, it is such a good price £2.99 and although not a coral colour and lovely light soft pink. The funny thing is the blush looks darker in pictures and on the website and I also spotted lighter coral colours that I didn’t see in store! Such as the shade Breathless! 

I’m personally also a big fan or collection 2000’s Lasting perfection concealer and have been using that for a long while now, their products are so well priced that any one can afford them and the quality is great. So for any one in need of a cheap but very cheerful Blush Bargain I recommend checking out Collection 2000

Product: Powdered Blush

Brand: Collection 2000

Price: £2.99


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