H&M and Superdrug Haul


So I picked up some much needed bits after pay day which included Mascara and foundation! Oh! I forgot concealer I just remembered! Any way Just thought I would share a little blog haul with you guys. It’s not much and I didn’t actually include all the item’s purchased in this post because I’m lazy and they weren’t that exciting to be honest. But I hope you like and enjoy.

Superdrug | Barry M Gelly | £2.99 each
Superdrug | Barry M Gelly | Left: Papaya | Right: Guava

So personally I think Barry M is over rated, but its still a decent product and I saw these new ‘Gelly Hi Shine’ Polishes and have been dying to try them out. I’m loving my blues, coral and pastel pinks at the moment, so I chose ‘Papaya’ and ‘Guava’. They had so many colours to choose from and if I’m a fan I may be picking up some more.

Maybelline Colossal | Superdrug £7.99

Next up is Volume express colossal by Maybelline. I don’t know why but Maybellin is like my go to mascara brand, especially the volume express ones. It doesn’t cause any clumps for me and really makes my lashes look thicker, as my lashes are naturally long I go for volume rather then length.

H&M Nail Polish | £2.99

This is my third Nail polish from H&M, I’m yet to try it but after using the last two I was very impressed. The formula goes on smoothly, it dries quickly and the colours are lovely. I felt a bit adventurous and chose an orange, called ‘Samba’ I need to really hurry as summer is pretty much over and this definitely  seems like a summer colour to me.

H&M Nail Polish | £4.99

One of my favourite products I picked up was a French Manicure set and I cant wait to use this. It includes white strips to stick to your nails and use as a guide line when applying the white tips. And who doesn’t love the classic and simple French Manicure.

Superdrug | 2true £2.99

So I normally use Mac’s Studio Fix fluid but it ran out and I didn’t have the time to wait for one to be delivered as I buy it on line directly. And my boyfriend always moans at me for buying such an expensive foundation. Because of these reasons I thought I would try some cheaper drug store brands. The first one I tried was the much cheaper of the two for £2.99 by a brand called ‘2true‘. Texture feels grainy, its light but the coverage is not good at all, it looks patchy and brings out dry skin. I wouldn’t recommend this.

Superdrug | | Maybelline Dream Satin £7.99

 Second is Maybelline’s Dream satin liquid and to be honest I was quite impressed, I may need to go a shade lighter but I’m working around that with powder for now. But the coverage is alot better then the cheap option.  It didn’t bring out my dry skin was even and lasted all day.  I’m stilled leaning more towards Mac but there’s so many foundations I haven’t tried and we all know how long it takes to find the perfect foundation. But overall I’m pleased with this foundation and I will have it as a back up or for lazy days.


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  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    Great haul! I love the nail polish.

    – KW

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