I finally wore my Strapless summer dress. OOTD ♡

I bought this about 4 years ago!  I just never felt I had the right moment to wear it and and today was just that day! There was what we British call a mini heat wave (30 degr’ Celsius) and I didn’t want to be sweating all day at work.  I don’t have any strapless bra’s. So I had to go DIY with this one by tucking the straps under the dress 😉 *Note to self buy some strapless bras* I got this from H&M (Divided).  for about £7.99 its comfortable and light weight, I personally think the fit would be better for a more bustier lady but it still looks lovely! Oh and I lost the blue fabric belt that came with it I was so annoyed but I made do with a brown waist belt from another dress 🙂

I was a bit boring with the shoes’ because at the moment for some crazy reason I only seem to own one pair of dolly shoes!!!

H&M Divided £7.99

And because I’m paranoid about my shoulder’s being all out, I wore a little black cardigan also from H&M‘s Divided £7.99. I felt like this ruined the outfit but I just had to wear it :/

Black Cardigan H&M £7.99
Black Dolly shoes H&M £.5.99

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