My hair care routine


For a while now I’ve been using V05‘sFor You‘ Range. There’s five types for different hair needs and preferences;

I use the Nourish me truly Shampoo and Gloss me Smoothly conditioner. The shampoo helps damaged hair, I like this because I straighten my hair about 2 – 3 times a week.  The conditioner helps smooth out frizzy hair, I have quite thin European hair, but I am half Caribbean and have a random streak of frizz and the back so this conditioner helps to control that. And these big bottles last ages!


After I wash my hair I always use Hask Moroccan argan oil, I love this stuff! It absorb’s instantly into my hair and isn’t too oily, which would be a disaster with my thin hair, and contains Keratin which helps make my hair feel super silky. I’ve been using this for about 3 months now after every wash and it has helped strengthen my hair and it just overall feels healthier.


If I don’t get a chance to wash my hair and it feels greasy, I love using VO5‘s Plump me up Dry shampoo. This is the only dry shampoo I’ve ever actually tried so I have nothing to compare it too. I really like this product, as I feel it  works by making your hair feel fresher and non- greasy, but if you get carried away and spray too much it will leave you hair white. So use moderately 😉

Products: VO5 Nourish me truly Shampoo | VO5 Gloss me smoothly Conditioner | Hask Moroccan Argan Oil | VO5 Plump me up Dry Shampoo

Purchased:  V05 products – Superdrug | Argan Oil –  Primark

Price:  Shampoo & Conditioner  £1.97 Per bottle | Argan Oil £1


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