Nail Routine.


  1. I start by removing any nail polish, at the moment my favourite Nail Polish Remover is Cutex. You can different types but I go for Strengthening as I have quite weak nails. This polish is moisturising and contains vitamins which helps with dry brittle nails. It is great at quickly removing most polishes, takes a bit longer with darker colours such as red but still does the job.
  2. I then file my nails too the shape I prefer and get rid of any sharp corners and edges. After this I would normally buff and shine.
  3. Lastly I moisturise my cuticles with Cuticle Therapy by Premier By Dead Sea Premier, a product which came in a package along with a buffer, nail file, and hand cream. My hand cream has finish and I need a new buffer!  I rub this on and around my nails and leave to soak before washes my hands and using some hand cream. This Oil works brilliantly and the whole set in general is great! Its full of minerals and when used daily prevent dry and dead skin around my cuticles!
  4. Then we paint!


Products: Cutex Nail polish remover |Cuticle Therapy by Premier By Dead Sea Premier

Purchased: Savers and Pop up shop

Price: Cutex: £1.29 | Therapy by Premier By Dead Sea Premier:(full set) £25


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  1. frugoal says:

    Thanks for the tips!

    1. Your welcome, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

      1. frugoal says:

        You are so welcome!

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